UPDATE: Finally, I think I don't want to update this anymore unless someone wants to add levels. All the physics are in place. -3-

The dryad can now carry people on top of blocks. There are doors, buttons, copying machines, and upside-down water! Included 9 more levels, so it's up to 33! Almost at 35, but I'm okay for now. ^^; Also added a little Lx0 level, too. .//.

Maybe it works in HTML5 now, so please enjoy! :D


Use mouse controls or A/D/Left/Right and space to play!

Touch the level number to begin!

You must have at least one playable character touch the exit!

The lanky Dryad can pick up and drop blocks! They can also ferry other characters across while holding a block! However, they pick up and place blocks down on a timer, so position them correctly and be patient!

The Unicorn can push blocks, and walk across water!

The Mouse can roll blocks and go through tunnels!

The spring can jump up ladders and push blocks up!

Drops blocks on enemies to stop them!


4 playable characters! o3o

7 almost identical hazards! :o

33 levels! :D


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