Use the dpad to jump, punch, and kick!

(V.5: it's pretty much in playable order. ^^; 3 cutscenes, 2 levels, and a title! )
(V.4: added enemies, breakable boxes, and a timer! Everything gameplay-wise is set! :D )

(V.2: extra animation and a little extra gameplay. ^^; )

(V.1: basic gameplay. ^^; )

Once upon a time, there was a shifting land composed of colors way too vibrant, even for a video game. Many thought it to be a land of mirages, and most avoided the place as it had claimed many ships by its shifting nature.

Few, however, knew that it was also conscious.

And one day, it wondered: what was it like to be a human? So it created its own human to find out what it thought of being a human. But then it ran. And the land knew not why.

Install instructions

It's a Windows ZIP straight from Game Maker. ^^; Idunno.


OfAforbiddenEarth_E.zip 27 MB

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